Mining is a tradeskill available to all characters. In order to mine a mineral, you must have a Pickaxe equipped as your main weapon. Any player of any skill can attempt mining any type of mineral, but their success rate depends on how closely their skill level matches the skill requirement for that particular mineral.

Mineral Size Skill Required Amount Respawn
Copper Small 15 25 5mins
Copper Medium 15 50 5mins
Copper Large 15 75 5mins
Iron Small 30 25 15mins
Iron Medium 30 50 15mins
Iron Large 30 75 15mins
tin Small 50 25 5mins
tin Medium 50 50 5mins
tin Large 50 75 5mins
silver Small 100 5 1hour
silver Medium 100 10 1hour
silver Large 100 20 1hour
gold Small 250 5 1hour
gold Medium 250 10 1hour
gold Large 250 20 1hour
mithril Small 500 2 120mins
mithril Medium 500 5 120mins
mithril Large 500 10 120mins

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